Jon’s Ties to Listz/Beethoven

Jon180Note:  Students of Jon can truthfully say that they are “musical descendants” of some of the great pianists and musicians of history!  







(Hill, Sebok, Bartok)

Jon studied piano at Western Washington University with renowned teacher, performer, and master class clinician Ford Hill for 4 years (1980-1983). While a student at Indiana University Mr.Hill received the grand prize in the Graduation Concerto Competition. The Bellingham Arts Commission bestowed him with the Mayors Arts Award. Besides WWU, Hill has taught at at Wilson College, Northeast Louisiana State University, and the New South Wales Conservatory of Music (Sydney, Australia)

Ford Hill studied with legendary Gyorgy Sebok at the University of Indiana.

Gyorgy Sebok was a student of famous Hungarian composer and pianist, Bela Bartok and fellow Hungarian Gyorgy Sandor



(Sandor, Thoman, Listz)

Bartok was a student of Istvan Thoman, who was a faculty member at the famous Listz Academy in Budapest. Sandor was also a student and close friend of Bartok and was famous for his performances and his book, On Piano Playing: Motion, Sound, Expression.

Istvan Thoman was a student and disciple of Franz Liszt.


(Czerny, Beethoven, Haydn)

Franz Liszt, one monster of a figure in the history of piano performance and composition, was a student of Carl Czerny.

Czerny, famous for his piano exercises, studied extensively with Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a student of Joseph Haydn although for only a short time, and not always a cooperative student!

So, here are the generations:

Haydn → Beethoven → Czerny → Liszt → Thoman → Bartok → Sebok → Hill → Mutchler → ??