Teachers & Tuners

There are other terrific piano teachers in the Ferndale/Custer area! I am pleased to list their names, phone numbers, emails, and web sites here. If you are a local teacher (teaching within the Ferndale School district) let me know your data and I will post it here…for free! AND if your name got posted here and you are not teaching or you wish it removed, or modified, let me know! Or, if you have a web site or email link I am happy to include it.



Alivia Phipps Piano lessons (Ferndale):  (360) 325-9155 / Aliviaalivi@yahoo.com

Lorraine’s Piano Academy (360-922-6542) LorrainesPianoAcademy@gmail.com

Mary Marshall email, Phone: 201-4478 (piano and strings, violin)

Amy Blackemail:

Kim Bowman web site and email., phone: (360) 398-2554

Kathy Mader (360) 384-1323

Cathy Lewis, (360) 366-5372

Gwen Penner, (360) 384-3053

Sue Gault, (360) 380-5466

Maryann Brudwick, (360) 384-3894

Terri Irwin Brown, (360) 384-4680

Christy Hart, (360) 380-4905

(note from Jon: this is a list of people who are teaching in the area. I am unable to make recommendations or provide information about about their teaching methods or abilities as I simply do not know. I would suggest contacting them and perhaps even asking for references from current/past students)

Yes, yes, yes:  Get and keep your piano tuned!  It really is worth the expense.

I have been benefitting from the services of David Steege since 1980.  He knows my particular needs and concerns and is very familiar with my piano.  Like a good mechanic or faithful dog:  you stick with it!  However, I am very pleased to commend our own local Brad Kelly and have used him at church, home, and Semiahmoo and happily recommend him.  His web site is:  IrishTuner.com.  And a newer tuner in the area, Ed Mashburn at http://www.bellinghampianotuning.com, (206) 966-2100